Template Class DdsReaderListener

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

  • public dds::sub::NoOpDataReaderListener< T >

Class Documentation

template<typename T>
class sinspekto::DdsReaderListener : public dds::sub::NoOpDataReaderListener<T>

Listener class to dispatch callbacks to a Qt signal function.

When data becomes available the callback function emits a Qt signal so that new data event is registered in Qt’s event loop.

Public Functions

inline DdsReaderListener(std::function<void()> QtSignalFcn = nullptr)


Takes a function point to a Qt signal function.

inline virtual void on_data_available(dds::sub::DataReader<T>&)

Called when data becomes available.

This is an overloaded function that dispatches an new data available callback to the Qt event system.

Private Members

std::function<void()> m_qtEventSignal

Function pointer to Qt signal to emit.