Class FkinDdsTopics

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  • public Item

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class FkinDdsTopics : public Item

This component holds topic names and ids for DDS member variables in use.


string idTest

id string for testing (not in use?),

string idPursePlanner

Id string for purse planner signals.

string commands

Common topic for program commands sinspekto::DdsCommandPublisher, id changes for different applications.

string commandResponses

Common topic for program command responses sinspekto::DdsCommandSubscriber.

string stateNotifications

Common topic for program state notifications sinspekto::DdsStateNotification.

string keepSolution

Indicator on whether to keep or reject a received trajectory from purse planner.

string purseStats

Topic for sinspekto::DdsOptiStatusSubscriber, optimization statistics.

string purseConfig

Topic for sinspekto::DdsNlpConfigSubscriber, nlp configuration.

string vesselTrajectory

Topic for DdsKinematis2DBuffer, suggested vessel trajectory.

string fishTrajectory

Topic for DdsKinematis2DBuffer, expected fish trajectory.

string vesselRotDesired

Topic for RatatoskDoubleValSubscriber, commanded heading rate.

string deployPosition

Topic for RatatoskDouble2Subscriber, expected deploy position.

string collidePosition

Topic for RatatoskDouble2Subscriber, expected position for fish colliding with purse.

string deployTime

Topic for RatatoskDoubleValSubscriber, expected deploy time.

string vesselPosInfo

Topic for RatatoskPosInfoSubscriber.

string localNedTopic

Topic for DdsIdVec3dPublisher, vesselPosInfo in NED coordinates.

string gpsOrigin

Topic for RatatoskDouble2Publisher, TEMPORARY to forcefully set a gps origin instead from pos info topic.

string vesselSettingSpeed

Topic for DdsIdVec1d, setting speed m/s.

string vesselSettingRadius

Topic for DdsIdVec2d, setting radii, [m, m].

string aimPointArcLength

Toppic for DdsIdVec1, aim distance, m.

string fishMargin
string currentSurface

Topic for RatatoskDouble2Publisher, sea surface current.

string currentFish

Topic for RatatoskDouble2Publisher, sea current at fish depth.

string idFish

Id string for fish model.

string fishDepth

Topic for DdsIdVec1dPublisher, depth of fish (manual or from input)

string fishVelocityOverGround

Topic for RatatoskDouble2Publisher, Fish velocity over ground (either manual or from input)

string fishPosInfo

Topic for RatatoskPosInfoSubscriber.

string fishRelativePos

Topic for RatatoskDouble3Subscriber, fish position relative to vessel.

string idLeadline

Id string for leadline model.

string leadlineParameters

Topic for DdsIdVec2dPublisher, (tau, z_d) parameters for leadline model.

string leadlineResponse

Topic for DdsIdVec1dBuffer, sink response trajectory for a time horizon.

string leadMargin

Topic for DdsIdVec1d, lead margin below fish at collision, m.