Class InfoPlanning

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Base Type

  • public RowLayout

Class Documentation

class InfoPlanning : public RowLayout

Visual component to show status on algorithm.


void reseted()

Resets timer.


font iconFont

Icon font (default: IcoFont)

alias entity

Icon font character to display.

alias title

ToolTip description for component.

alias description

ToolTip description for clock icon.

color statusOK

Color for OK status.

color statusFAIL

Color for FAIL status.

color statusSLOW

Color for SLOW (late) status.

string statusRunning

String to show in running state.

string statusNotRunning

String to show in not running state.

bool running

Is the algorithm running.

int expected

Expected period.

bool down

Count timer downward.

int count0

Value when timer reset.