Class TimeChart

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

  • public ChartView

Class Documentation

class TimeChart : public ChartView

Time series plot, x-axis is a DateTimeAxis.

Public Functions

void updateRangeT(minT, maxT)

Update visible time range so that (minT, maxT) is included.


void themeChanged()

Indicate that theme has changed and a redraw is necessary.


int futureMS

Add this time (milliseconds) to the tip to ensure some margin.

int widthMS

Width of time interval in milliseconds.

int horizonMS

Calculated horizon in milliseconds (widthMS - futureMS)

point fovY

Field of view for y-axis.

alias axisT

Reference to time axis DateTimeAxis.

alias axisY

Reference to y-axis ValueAxis.

alias labelY

y-axis label text

alias style

Custom style to fix QtCharts quirks.