Class FkinPurseDashboard

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

  • public RowLayout

Class Documentation

class FkinPurseDashboard : public RowLayout

Main dashboard component.

Public Functions

void init(ddsParticipant)

Initialize DDS member variables.


void triggerReset()

Indicates a reset, i.e. a new trajectory is to be visualized.

void themeChanged()

Indicate that the theme has changed and a redraw is needed.

void pointHovered(point pnt)

Mouse hovered above a point pnt.


vector2d originNED

(lat,lon) origin of NED

bool plannerRunning

Is the purse path planner running.

bool ddsInitialized

Has the DDS member variables been initialized.

vector3d currentMagDirDepth

Temporary “fake” properties for current and wind indicators, x: m/s, y: radians, z: m.

vector2d windMagDir

Wind magnitude and direction.

vector2d fishCurrent

Sea current at fish school depth, magnitude direction (?)

vector2d seaCurrent

Sea current at surface, also published dds.

point mouseTip

Coordinate of mouse hover.

bool mouseActive

Helper boolean for active mouse hover.

bool manualFishCtrl

Switch to indicate if manual fish parameters are to be used, not from measurements.

color vesselColor

Color of displayed vessel.

color deployColor

Color of deployment graph.

color fishColor

Color of fish trajectory.

color windColor

Color of wind indication.

color currentColor

Color of sea current indication.