Class TransformToNED

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Base Type

  • public Item

Class Documentation

class TransformToNED : public Item

Helper component to transform a GPS coordinate to NED frame.

Public Functions

void init(participant, topicPosInfo, topicNED, idNED)

Initialize DDS data types.

void toECEF(latIn, lonIn, height)

Calculates ECEF coordinates given (lat,lon,h) as NED origin.

void toNED(latIn, lonIn, height)

Calculates NED coordinates for (lat,lon,h) with origin as specified by member properties.


real lat

Latitude decimal degree.

real lon

Longitude decimal degree.

real h

Elevation (sealevel is 0)

vector4d origin_ecef

Earth center earth fixed coordinate for given (lat,lon, h). Homogeneous coordinates (x,y,z,1)

alias posInfo

Reference to a sinspekto::RatatoskPosInfoSubscriber input signal (DDS)

alias ned

Reference to a sinspekto::DdsIdVec3dPublisher output signal (DDS) for North East Down coordinate.