Struct NlpProblemBuilder

Struct Documentation

struct mimir::algorithm::NlpProblemBuilder

NLP problem structure.

This struct holds data types and problem formulation elements for the NLP formulation.

Public Members

casadi::DaeBuilder daeP

Holds decision parameters, point constraint functions and point objectives.

std::vector<std::string> constraints

Function names to be used as point constraints.

std::vector<std::string> objectives

Function names to be used as terminal constraints.

std::map<std::string, std::vector<bool>> x_inits

Key is the name of a sub system initial condition, e.g. “x_1_0”. The vector of bool is true for elements with a floating initial condition.

std::map<std::string, casadi::DaeBuilder> sub_system

Sub systems for which the NLP consists of. Key is e.g. “x_1”.

std::vector<std::string> sub_system_names

Names of the sub systems.

std::map<std::string, casadi::Slice> decision_parameter_slice

Placement of a named decision parameter in \(v\).

std::map<std::string, casadi::Slice> parameter_slice

Placement of a named parameter in \(p\).

casadi_int parameter_dimension

Number of parameters.

casadi_int decision_parameter_dimension

Number of decision parameters.

std::map<std::string, std::map<std::string, casadi::Slice>> state_slice

Placement of a named state in \(x_i\), subsystem i.

std::map<std::string, std::map<std::string, casadi::Slice>> input_slice

Placement of a named input in \(u_i\), subsystem i.

std::map<std::string, casadi_int> state_dimension

Number of states in named subsystem.

std::map<std::string, casadi_int> input_dimension

Number of inputs in named subsystem.